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The BBG was set up in 1987 to encourage the development of British business in the UAE, a mission which has grown to encompass the overall strengthening of UK and UAE business and trade ties. Since its inception the BBG has grown to be one of the most active and influential business groups in the UAE and Middle East region.
The support we offer our members, and the wider community, comes in many forms:

  • Breakfast briefings

We host a number of breakfast learning events to help members keep up-to-date with trends and innovations in their industries. These events are organised by our Focus Chairs and are held in the early morning so that they don’t eat into your busy work schedules.

Topics range from media training to personal finance to the rules governing Human Resource Management in the UAE to neuroscience and the art of team leadership.

When you have any suggestions for events, please feel free to get in touch with us and let us know.

  • Social networking events

We understand that there are times when the work of business should be light-hearted; so we organise informal gatherings where members and non-members can come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Our Mix-and-Mingle evenings are our way of welcoming new members to the group. They are also ideal for members who would like their friends or colleagues to get a taste of what it feels like to be a BBG member before they sign up.

We do also organise the always popular BBG Annual Golf Day and BBG Christmas Ball, and recently launched what we call our ‘Best of British’ series for which our Great British Day Out 2017 was the first main event.

  • Building ties with UK entities

The UK and the UAE have a history of collaboration which we work very hard to continue in a postmodern world. We actively attend industry events and engage with our counterparts in the UK to understand their needs and raise their awareness of the opportunities the UAE holds for them.

  • Promoting British businesses in the UAE

When we say ‘#member4member’ we mean exactly that. We choose, and encourage our members to choose, to work with BBG members over others. Regardless of the service, product or expertise needed, we guarantee that there is a BBG member who can provide it.

Whenever you or anyone you know needs something – from family insurance to a staycation – click on the ‘Request for Expertise’ button on the top menu bar, enter your key words, and let our smartbot find who you need.

  • Partner with other business groups

We are fortunate to live in a city which benefits from a wealth of knowledge, ideas, expertise, and innovation that can only result when professionals from all of the world meet. Regularly partnering with other business groups on events is our way of bringing that global knowledge to you. 


How we do it

The heart of the group is the Operations Team who work tirelessly to bring to life all the ideas that you, your Committee and your Focus Chairs have. These ladies and gentleman are ably supported by your elected Committee and selected Focus Chairs.

We also rely on the generous sponsorship support we get from so many organisations which allows us to keep the office running so we can continue to support you all as you grow your businesses. We have a number of sponsorship tiers available so you can join our existing supporters whether you are an MNC or an SME. Please do get in touch with Matt Lewis, our Director, Business Development on businessdevelopment@bbgdxb.com or the Operations Team to see how you can become a BBG sponsor.


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