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Camps International Middle East Tours LLC


Company Type - Tourism
Url - www.campsinternational.ae
Contact Number - +971 (0)4 450 8931
Emirates - Dubai
Postal Code - 333739
Address - -

About Company

Camps International is a social enterprise that balances profits with philanthropy. Camps operate a permanent network of expedition camps in the heart of rural communities and wildlife conservation areas through their wholly owned operations in Latin America, East Africa and SE Asia. Camps are located where poverty levels are high and/or there are significant environmental and wildlife conservation challenges. Most camps are established on community land and they employ local people to build, staff and supply their camps, with each one acting as the hub from which they run their wide range of sustainable volunteer projects and adventure activities for young people from around the globe. Projects vary from constructing school classrooms and supplying drinking water to terrestrial and marine wildlife conservation, reforestation, environmental education and micro finance initiatives.